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The Great War in the Dolomites of Sexten 1915‑1918.

During the Great War (1914‑1918), in the sector of the Sexten Dolomites front the soldiers fought at a height of over 2000 metres. Their task was to defend their borders and to affirm their supremacy on the peaks.
Until then, the high mountains had never been a permanent theatre of war, although for the soldiers the concept of “impracticable terrain” did not exist.
The war did not reign supreme only at an altitude of 2000 metres. The local inhabitants of the upper Pustertal were also bitterly hit by its consequences.

The war at above 2000 metres in altitude was a challenge for both men and animals. When in May 1915 the troops reached the Anderter Alpe along a narrow path, they found a decidedly inaccessible terrain on which they had to create a military infrastructure as soon as possible.

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